Cross-cutting themes

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Cross-cutting themes

Military tribunal in Bunia, DRC. DPKO photo.

The United Nations work on rule of law covers a wide area involving a range of themes and sub-topics. Some themes can be described as “cross-cutting” as they are common to the work of most, if not all, UN actors conducting rule of law activities. UN rule of law work is also cross-cutting in that it is critical to attaining major goals of the Organization such as poverty reduction and gender equality.

This section describes rule of law themes for which the UN has developed a common system-wide approach, and outlines the ways in which rule of law activities seek to contribute to the Organization’s major thematic goals. The purpose is to help users understand the UN’s policy with respect to emerging and critical rule of law issues and related major topics.

The common approaches to thematic issues discussed herein are based primarily on the development of shared policy direction for the Organization by the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group, chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General and supported by the Rule of Law Unit, which is responsible for the overall coordination of this work.